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Your Easyroommate profile is a great way to advertise yourself as a roommate or sharer.

A complete and detailed description is really important as it represents you and what you are looking for. Roommates with no profile description or profile picture are less likely to find their room with us.

To create your profile, enter a city or a neighbourhood and click on “Search”, fill in the short registration form and click “Create profile”.

To edit your profile, edit your personal introduction, change city, edit available date, go to My Ads and click on Edit.

The description box should be used to represent who you are, and what you are looking for in further detail. 

Use this section to describe your ideal flatshare and any personal preferences.

Be sure that there is no “@” symbol in the Ad description box. 

Please also refrain from using any non-text symbols in your profile.

There is no character limit but a few sentences should suffice; members can always send you a message if they have specific questions.

You may like to include:

- Who you are? Age, gender, employment status, where are you from, what are your interests, why are you moving?

- What you are looking for? Room size, single or double, furnished or unfurnished, amenities and facilities available, etc.

- Where specifically would you like to live?

- Who would you like to share with? Age group, gender, employment status, interests, would you prefer somewhere quiet, a family home or a party house etc.

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