Searching for a room

Once you have created your account, you will be able to see the rooms available on what we call " Search page". It is your personalised search list where you will find rooms matching your criteria and then be able to communicate with your potential flatmates. For more details, read our article  Discovering Easyroommate, to see how to create an account and use the website.
On the " Search page", you can use the panel on the left to customise or narrow down your results in terms of distance by using the search radius around your preferred location. You can also select some filters such as the budget or the gender, the age and the occupation of the current flatmates.
Once you find a room corresponding to your criteria, click on it to view its details and to contact the advertiser directly.

Click on the guide below to see how to use the Search filters.

To help you, we will send your profile to all of the members advertising a suitable room, so that they get to know a bit more about you,  your search location and accommodation requirements.

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